Love this green tile

To me, this vivid green tile is excitingAs I’m perusing tile stores to get ideas for my own backsplash, I come across a photo of this gorgeous green glass tile. It’s in a house featured by the L.A. Times Home Section in an article title, appropriately, Exploding with color.

What struck me was the use of the same color in all the tiles. It occurred to me that when you’re considering 3/4-inch or 1-inch tiles, there is almost an irrestible urge to mix it up and include all your favorite colors. See what I mean here and here.

But there is something powerful, bold and courageous in using the same color all the way around.

Am I onto something? Or could this be hard to live with?

(Photo: Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

2 Comments on Love this green tile

  1. Kathy Price-Robinson

    Nicole, try this tile shop:

  2. nicole

    do you know where I could get tile like that?