Massive Blackout Leaves 1.4 Million in the Dark; Why We All Need Rooftop Solar NOW

blackoutI was sitting out on my porch the other day just before dawn and I saw sparks coming off the power pole. I called the energy company to report it. In the light of the morning, I took a good look at the rickety mess you see here and I thought: My wellbeing depends on this?

Out west, 1.4 million folks are in the dark after the power grid went down this evening.

How ironic: here in the south, and out there in the west, all the sun does is beat down on us and make us miserable while we suck black gunk out of the ground and burn it to destroy our air. And for what?

What madness is this?

Our only real security will come when we all have solar panels on our homes, or geothermal pumps, and can generate our own power no matter what any for-profit energy company has to say about it.

In Africa, even remote villages have solar panels and thus energy security. And I wonder: Will we every catch up with them?