Maximum Glamour, Minimum Budget in a Tract-house Kitchen Remodel – UPDATE


UPDATE: Did you notice the curtains of Swarovski crystal sparkling at the Academy Awards on Sunday? Talk about glamour!

The original post: There’s really nothing all that spectacular about the remodel of Vicki Reitz’s galley kitchen. Sure, she’s got a lovely wood floor, and granite counters, and really nicely painted original cabinets.

So, yes, the kitchen feels solid and of good quality. But it also feels a bit glittery and glamorous. That’s because of two factors: 1) The glass tile backsplash, and 2) The very classy and feminine Swarovski crystal lamp over the sink.

Glass tile is expensive, no doubt about it. You could expect to pay $30 or more per square foot for this stuff, and well over $1,000 in materials for a kitchen of this size. But the beauty you get to live with every day makes that number seem reasonable.

The Swarovski lamp is also a great deal, even if it cost several hundred dollars, when you consider how visible it is. Think about Vicki’s wisdom hanging in over her corner sink.

This lovely little lamp is not stuck in some off-the-beaten-path nook where it would rarely be seen. It’s in the most high-profile, visible spot in the room. And because it’s a lamp, the little crystals get lit to their very best advantage.

And in the daytime, the sunlight makes the crystals sparkle.

With these two additions, Vicki gave her kitchen a touch of sass and style. You like?

(Photos: Los Angeles Times)

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  1. Timur Sergunin

    Great idea for backspalsh – back painted tempered glass panel (one single piece across) –