Me and Phil Spector: Separated at birth?

Spector_2A friend sent me a link this morning from TMZ showing (supposedly) the interior of Phil Spector’s home, sometimes referred to as “The Castle.”

What’s eerie to note is that the predominant interior color in his house (maroon) seems to be the same color I painted the exterior of my house. My color is called Rusted Nail by the Frazee paint company, and I like to call it Barn Red, as I see so many barns painted this color.

But since I got the color up on my walls I’ve recalled other maroon moments in my life. As a teenager, I won $100 in a contest from rock radio station KHJ (anyone remember those days?) and I bought a maroon Schwinn bicycle. Those were good days of emerging adulthood and freedom.

Today, I notice the corner of my office where I do most of my work is flooded with maroon.

But now I’ve got the Spector specter added to my box of maroon memories. It shouldn’t matter, though, because my house Barn Red, not maroon. Right?

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  1. INland Empire

    Ah, KHJ. Humble Harv…..those were the days.