Miranda Hobbes, I knew ye not

Would Miranda live here? I think not.Did I not watch "Sex and the City" reruns for the past four years?

Did I not come to feel in some TV-induced mania that I knew Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte? Did I not notice who they were and how they would decorate their homes?

So how in the world did attorney Miranda Hobbes’ home come to look like this in the new movie? Miranda is tightly wound, a control freak and quite sophisticated. How could she live in a place like this?

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle says this decor is a window into Miranda’s personality, a personality which, I suppose, is really confused.

However, the Miranda I "know" would use her decor to hide such a personality, or to influence her personality toward a more put-together state of mind.

What do you think? Does this room look like the Miranda you know?

Also, rate Carrie’s new space.

(Photo: San Francisco Chronicle)

3 Comments on Miranda Hobbes, I knew ye not

  1. Jeannie

    I agree. You may recall that at the end of the last season of the TV show, Miranda had reluctantly moved out of her cool Manhatten apartment into a house in Brooklyn for the benefit of her family. This photo illustrates the toll of four years of living in the new environment.
    At the beginning of the movie, Charlotte was trying to cheer up Miranda and said, “I read that Brooklyn is the new Manhattan!” Miranda grumpily replied: “The person who said that must live in Brooklyn.”

  2. Jenna

    You are absolutely right. Nothing about that house says Miranda. Steve and Brady must have decorated that house.

  3. Renovation Therapy

    Maybe it’s supposed to show Steve’s influence? Only the couch reminds me of her “single gal pad”. The fireplace is way too fussy for her…