More efforts to stop the junk mail already

ValassisDo you think I’m too codependent? When I write, call or email a company to stop already with the junk mail, I feel for the person at the other end, who might get a little deflated feeling that I don’t want their goods, coupons, flyers, catalogs and basic crap.

But while that little negative feeling will pass quickly on their part, if I don’t take this action, the junk mail will continue into eternity. So it’s a good and just tradeoff.

My latest effort is to stop this package of flyers and coupons from a company called Valassis from landing in my mailbox, then into my recycling bin. What’s in this packet?

Direct TV: Got it, don’t need it.
Discover Card: No more credit! If I want more, I know where to go.
Local supermarkets: I shop at Costco (and don’t want their flyer, either)
Local hardware store: I love you, but you charge twice as much as Home Depot
Color changing alarm clock: No, no, no
English Leather: No, no, no

So, it was easier than I thought to cancel these ads from arriving. I don’t know if it will be successful, but I typed in and went straight to their home page. I thought sure they would make themselves hard to find.

Then I clicked on Contact Us, and then I saw a magic button that said: CLICK BELOW TO STOP/START RECEIVING OUR COUPONS IN THE MAIL.

Yippee! I struck gold. We’ll see if it works.

Meanwhile, my efforts to stop catalogs via Catalog Choice are as follows:

Confirmed and stopped: Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Flor

All others (Trader Joe’s, Westways, etc.): No indication they ever received my request

Note to retailers: I feel pretty respected when my requests are heard and acted upon. I wonder if the fact that Bed, Bath & Beyond was so quick to honor my request to stop delivering their catalog is part of the reason I just spent more than $200 there? Could be.

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  1. sc1quail

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