Most-complained-about service providers

Angie’s List, a consumer ratings service, collected nearly 300,000 reports in 2007 from members who graded service companies on overall experience, price, quality, responsiveness and punctuality.

Nationally, warranty companies attracted the greatest percentage of “F” grades out of more than 280 categories of service, while veterinarians had the greatest percentage of “A” grades.

But in Southern California, remodeling companies got the highest percentage of negative ratings, while air-duct cleaning companies got the best ratings. Here are the two lists for SoCal (Los Angeles and San Diego areas), in order:

Top 10 most-complained-about categories:

1. Remodeling, general
2. Appliance sales
3. Hardware and home improvement stores
4. Alarms
5. Housecleaning
6. Interior design and decorating
7. Flooring sales/installation/repair
8. Landscaping

Top 10 least-complained-about categories:

1. Air duct cleaning
2. Hair salons/barbers
3. Hauling
4. Veterinarians
5. Insulation
6. Locksmiths
7. Countertops
8. Window cleaning

See the national best and worst

How about you? What are your most and least favorite service providers?

Angie’s List worst grade earners:

1. Warranty companies
2. Home builders
3. Furniture sales
4. Internet service providers
5. Architects
6. Structural engineering
7. Solar panels
8. Taxi/shuttle service

Angie’s List best grade earners:

1. Veterinarians
2. Dog walkers
3. Piano tuning
4. Animal training
5. Hauling
6. Hair salons/barbers
7. Upholstery cleaning services
8. Animal/house sitters