Move Down the Street During Whole-house Remodel? This Family Traveled the World


Before we get started here, let’s establish one fact: This economic recession we’re in will end. Our lives will get back to normal. And those who undertake whole-house remodels won’t be seen as freaks or objects of envy.

So that brings us to a family in Oregon who decided to take that longed-for trip around the world for the six months it took to remodel their home. The family includes Amy Youngflesh, her husband Craig Smith, and their two sons, Ethan, 11, and Harrison, 9. You can see them here in Egypt.
This makes sense to me. The meticulously planned remodel included extensive work to the kitchen, adding a family room, adding a bathroom for the boys, and vaulting the ceiling of the master suite.
As you can imagine, that kind of work would be near impossible with the family underfoot. Many people choose to move out during a big remodel, renting a house nearby. So why not take that long trip and keep tabs on your remodel with the help of the Internet, digital cameras and all the rest?
I think it’s an inspired idea. And the builders (who were extremely trustworthy, and that’s the only way this would work) liked it too. No need to keep extra quiet or worry about disrupting the family. To help keep an eye on things, some friends and family members looked in on the project. And when the couple and their kids got back, the job was done and they slid right into their “new” home.
Is this not brilliant?
Read the whole story in The Oregonian.

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  1. John Anderson

    Thanks for sharing! This is one hell of an idea. For the more budget conscious, you can try driving around different states for a few months. Maybe staying with relatives or some friends to save on lodging. Then move on to another friend or family on the next state.