Need help choosing colors? Try a “Design Plan in a Can”

DesigncanstickleyWhen I visit newly remodeled homes, the owners often name their contractor, their architect, their window and door suppler, among others. They also name someone I wouldn’t think to hire: the person who helped choose the colors.

I’m an intuitive color-picker, going with what feels right at the time.

But if I did a massive remodel and had to choose colors, all at the same time, for the paints, stains, faux finishes, carpeting, tile/grout, countertops, cabinets, wood or laminate flooring, fabrics, wall coverings . . . well I might need some help, as well.

To make this easier, I found a cool product at the Builder’s Show in Orlando: Design Plan in a Can.

Color specialist Edith Snell has grouped dozens of coordinated samples together for a complete palette in one package, which just happens to be a can. There are over 70 palettes to choose from with samples and finishes for each of the needs listed above. Also included is a color recommendations guide with tips on where to use each product, and where to get these fabrics, paints and products.

And, the color groupings have fun names. In the Arts and Crafts collection, for instance, you have your choice of Frank Lloyd Left, Less is Morris and Stickley & Stones.

Of the latter, Edith writes, “This authentic color vignette boasts bold and rich colors of ebony, oregano and warm ginger. The palette is accented by fabulous Arts & Crafts heavy linen fabrics and cottons.”

Each can costs $100, and could make a nice housewarming gift.