New: A non-toxic primer from Kilz

Kilz Clean Start
: What’s even better than blocking stains with KILZ primer-sealer?

A: Doing so without poisoning yourself.

I’ve been a fan of KILZ stain-blocking primer for years. It’s one of those rare products that lives up to its hype. And now it come in a formulation with no volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. That word “organic” really throws people. Organic is good, right? In this case, it means that there is off-gassing from the paint. And where does that gaseous material go? Right into your body. You could rephrase VOC to VCC, or volatile chemical compounds. Does that get our attention better?

So I’ve got a gallon of KILZ Clean Start (which can be used indoor or outdoor) and I’ve got a stained front porch that needs some attention. Check back in a few weeks and I’ll show you my results.