New contractor laws for 2008

CslblogoSeveral new laws came into effect Jan. 1 that pertain to licensed contractors and their clients, according to the California State Contractors License Board. They include (underline added for emphasis):

Business & Professions Code

§125.6 — In addition to facing disciplinary action if a licensed contractor refuses services based upon race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, disability, marital status, or national origin, licensees will face disciplinary action if they discriminate by refusing construction-related services based upon a prospective client’s medical condition or sexual orientation.

§7027.5 — Landscape Contractors (C-27) licensed by the Contractors State License Board are authorized to enter into prime contracts to construct and install outdoor cooking centers and fireplaces, as long as the projects are included in a residential landscape project, and the fireplace is not attached to the dwelling. Other properly licensed specialty or general contractors would still be required for tasks that are beyond the scope of the landscape contractor classification.

§7114 — As part of disciplinary action against a licensee, the Registrar of Contractors is authorized to order a licensee to pay a specific amount of money to an injured party if the licensee has aided an unlicensed person or allowed an unlicensed person to use his or her license.

Civil Code

§2782 — Residential construction contracts and amendments that indicate a general contractor or subcontractor is to be held harmless for construction defects, injury or negligence are legally unenforceable as of Jan. 1, 2008.

Complete contents of each legislative change is available by looking up the California code and section number at