New DVD: Protect Your Family From Lead-dust Poisoning During Remodeling

RRP crew training DVD Did you know that remodeling contractors are now required to take special efforts to protect families from the harmful effects of lead-tainted dust in older homes?

The new law is called the EPA RRP Rule.

So if you have a home older than 1978 (when lead was outlawed in paint), there’s a good chance that the old paint on the walls and windows has lead in it.

If that paint is disturbed — by sanding it, or cutting into it, or if it’s chipping or flaking — and it gets ingested or inhaled, there could be severe, permanent health damages.

In younger kids, lead has been proven without any doubt to cause brain damage and learning problems.

You don’t want to do that to your kids.

However, even though professional contractors must become certified in RRP practices when working on older homes, and take special precautions, you as a homeowner are not required by law to take special care. But why not protect your family?

The question is: How do you protect your family from lead poisoning during a DIY remodel in your older home?

You can learn how the pros do with a new DVD training program by master trainer Bill Robinson of Train2Rebuild.

On-the-Job Training for RRP Lead-Safe Practices” provides 60 minutes of live training to teach workers what they need to know to comply with the rule.

In your case, as a homeowner, you can watch this video, copy the strategies the pros use, and give your family members (and pets!) the protection they deserve.


You can learn strategies to check for lead in the paint, contain the lead-tainted dust within the work area, how to avoid making dust, and how to clean up at the end.

This DVD with 60 minutes of live training was created for remodeling contractors, but there’s no reason you can’t follow these same practices.

Chapters include:

Before the Work Starts

• Interior Containment

• Vertical Containment

• Signs and Barriers

• Exterior Containment

During the Work:

• Prohibited Practices

• Personal Protective Equipment

• Clean as You Go

After the Work Is Done

• Cleaning Up

• Visual Inspection and Cleaning Verification

• Taking Off Personal Protective Equipment

Plus, a section titled “For the Certified Renovator” includes:

• Testing for Lead

. . . and more.

In this DVD, you get 60 minutes of live training to help you protect your family from lead-tainted dust.

Cost: $79.00

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