New Hope for Old Patio Furniture

Chair refinishingReader Jose wrote in to suggest getting worn patio furniture refurbished as an alternative to hauling it to the landfill. What a concept.

While Native Americans suggest thinking of the impact of our actions seven generations into the future, we would do well to consider seven seasons in the future. For instance, what will this outdoor furniture be like in seven seasons? Will it be relegated to the landfill, where its remains will live on many generations into the future?

Or, will this furniture I’m buying look a bit ragged in seven years and be worthy of a new paint job?

Jose says he is getting his patio chairs refinished by Patio Guys, a 30-year-old company in Vista that serves customers from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

Here’s how it works: For a small fee, the company will pick up your patio furniture and repaint and redo it as appropriate. The cost will be less than buying new stuff, but that’s not the main point. The main issue is the garbage we leave for future generations to deal with.

But is junky outdoor furniture worthy of being refinished? Not necessarily. Here are some FAQs from the company’s website:

Is my furniture worth re-doing? If it is Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Mallin or Woodard, most certainly yes. If you’re not sure of the manufacturer, furniture that has passed the “test of time” or lasted you five years or more, chances are excellent that you have a quality set.

Do you powder coat paint? Yes. Powder coat paint is the same type of paint used by most manufacturers. Oven-cured at 400 degrees, powder coat paint is three times thicker than liquid paint and resists chipping, fading, and oxidation.

What will I save vs. buying new furniture? With the price of patio furniture in today’s market you can see savings of over 70%, but normally refinishing is about 30%-50% of replacement cost.

One related tip from Patio Guys: Umbrellas should NOT be left open overnight.

The company can be reached at or (800) 310-4897.

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  1. Jose

    Kathy — I’ll post some before and after photos on flickr once we get done with the furniture.
    KPR: Way cool! Looking forward to it!