New online magazine from a rock star of carpentry

IMG_5980-720x200Gary M. Katz, right, travels the country teaching enthralled carpenters how to do perfect their craft. Typically, the workshops and clinics are crowded or standing room only. Gary has become like a rock star in the world of carpenters.

Gary's new online magazine, This Is Carpentry
I hope I'm not insulting any earnest do-it-yourselfers, but some homeowners vastly overestimate their abilities, especially when it comes to finish carpentry. In my visits to remodeled homes, I've seen more awkward, crooked, badly installed crown molding to last a lifetime. I have no problem with this, as the homeowners who installed it feel proud of their accomplishments.
What bugs me is when these homeowners tell me they can install crown molding, or build a mantle, or install wainscoting as well as any pro. I think: Do you really think you're as good at something you've done a few times as is someone who has spent a lifetime learning, working and perfecting? Really? 
There's nothing wrong with doing your own finish carpentry. But please understand you won't have the finesse and artistry as the best of the best. And that's who makes up the fan base of Gary M. Katz.
If you want to learn some tricks of the trade, read Gary's online magazine, This Is Carpentry. And if you can get into a Katz Roadshow (slogan: Honor Your Craft), by all means go and be inspired.
And thanks for letting me rant.