New Orleans House Paint Colors: Salmon, Olive, Cream and Burgundy

This house is perfection. How could you want anything more than this? Who lives here? They must be a sane person, colorful yet conservative, happy but not frenetic. That’s my take. But what about the newspapers on the porch and the mail spilling out of the mailbox? The occupants must either be on a trip, or are an absentee owner, or they enter from the rear of the house.

You see my doggie in the lower right side? She also admires this house. This paint scheme looks fairly simple. But can you believe there are 7 different colors here? This is what I’ve figured out:

Siding: Salmon
Trim: Cream
Shutters: Olive
Detail in corbels: Burgundy
Porch ceiling: Light Blue
Porch: Grey
Railing, mailbox, porch light: Black Metal


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