New product: Instant tile backsplash


BroadspatulaThis new kitchen accessory from Broan (makers of those super-quiet exhaust fans, among other products) goes in the category of instant kitchen update for less than $500.

Of course, only one spot in your kitchen will enjoy a new beauty — those few square feet of backsplash above your cooktop — but it will be a solid, high-quality beauty.

These instant tile backsplashes come in three sizes: 36 inches by 20 inches, 30 inches by 14 inches, and 30 by 20 inches. They range in price from $320 to $360, so they’re not cheap. To install one, you first hang a metal bracket securely into the wall, and then hang the tile piece onto that. It’s kind of like an artwork for your kitchen, but one that can be cleaned.

Pictured here are two of the four styles, though I look forward to the day when Broan, or another manufacturer, shakes it up a bit and offers more vibrant colors.

The “Tuscany” style (top) is made of porcelain tile with a porcelain center mural and border in pewter-tone glaze.

In the “Spatola” style (taken from the Portuguese word for spatula), three stainless cooking utensils appear to hang in a tumbled marble backsplash with inlaid stainless and black accents (to blend with either stainless or black appliances) and set in a brushed aluminum frame.

Click here to see how they are installed.