New Product: TimberWolf composite fencing

TimberwolfI’ll be blogging live next month from the International Builders Show in Orlando, Fla., but manufacturers are introducing so many new products now that I’m getting a head start.

One of these is TimberWolf, a wood-composite fencing material made by FiberTech Polymers of Santa Ana. The fencing is manufactured, the company says, from 100% post-consumer recycled wood fiber and plastic. The phrase "post-consumer" is the key here, which means the materials were used and then recycled, rather than being scraps or overflow from a manufacturing process, which is what post-industrial recycling is all about. For me, finding a use for all these plastics and wood fibers (paper!) we recycle is a good thing.

The fencing material was introduced in 2007, and this year the company is offering complete kits. Fencing kits include boards and backer rails to build one 68-inch-by-70-inch fence panel, while post kits include a fence post, post cap and galvanized pipe.

TimberWolf fencing products, available in certain Lowe’s stores, are installed with normal wood-working tools, but coarse-tooth carbide saw blades are recommended to minimize clogging. (Read installation tips.) The fencing can be painted, but the company doesn’t recommend it, as that creates a maintenance issue. The product does not need paint protection to withstand the elements, and it can be cleaned with water and trisodium phosphate, or TSP. It comes in five colors, including cedar and redwood.

The top photo shows a basket-weave configuration, and the bottom photo shows a shadow-box "good neighbor" style, which means you alternate the fence boards in front of and behind the framing members.

Trex also offers a line of composite fencing, and Fiberon plans to introduce composite fencing this year.

2 Comments on New Product: TimberWolf composite fencing

  1. Marietta Acquista

    We had a fence installed in January 2011. I contacted the installer who told me the fence was Timberwolf. The problem is, where the fence is exposed to direct sunlight, the outside is disintegrating and peeling away. He gave me a number for Timberwolf but it is not a working number. Please let me know if you have an alternate way of contacting them. Thank you. I can send a photo if that would help.

  2. The World Famous Fence Wizard

    There are many new companies following this “composite” manufacturing model. Trex was the largest and the company has fallen apart and may not make it. While it seems to be a good method to re-use material it is not the quality of product that can be found with composites manufactured with more traditional first use inputs. Be careful and check the warranty on these products. Lots of other options exist such as bamboo, vinyl, polypropelene composites etc. Try “Simtek Fence” as a viable alternative with a true lifetime warranty. For much more on fence stop by Thank you for reading.