New Products: Deck Boards in New Colors, Composite Railing Systems

Timber Tech Decks

In case a new deck is in your future, your decision-making-process just got more complicated. Here are some new products being introduced by TimberTech:

BuilderRail (top photo) is kind of cool looking with black metal balusters and composite rails. It was introduced at the 2008 International Builders Show in Orlando, Fla., and the rails are available in three colors: cedar, gray and redwood. The black metal balusters are galvanized inside and out and powder coated, and require virtually no maintenance.

XLM deck planks, which are made of PVC plastic, are available in three colors — SandRidge, RiverRock (center photo) and Mountain Cedar — and can be installed with TimberTech’s system of hidden stainless steel fasteners.

RadianceRail (bottom photo) is made of composite material capped with a PVC layer and is now available in three new colors — SandRidge, RiverRock and Mountain Cedar — to match the company’s new XLM deck boards. Kits are available in 6-foot and 8-foot sections in 36-inch and 42-inch rail height.

My two cents: There are so many decking and railing options available that I really can’t say which is better. If you’ve installed composite, wood or PVC decking and been happy or unhappy with it, please post a comment below.

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  1. Andrew

    PVC Decking? Not very “green”!