No date Saturday? Then you can watch the premiere of ‘Date My House’

Bob Guiney and Nadia GellerIf you don't have a hot date for Saturday night, you can still get a little dating action with the premier of "Date My House" on the Learning Channel.

It's hosted by Bob Guiney of "The Bachelor" fame, with help from Los Angeles interior designer Nadia Geller.

I just watched a sneak preview of the first show, and here's what happens:

A couple are having a tough time selling their '50s Southern California tract house. It's been on the market for six months and there are no offers. And they are desperate to sell and move to a bigger house so they can have another baby.

This is where Bob and Nadia come in. They stage the once-cluttered house in a whirlwind 24 hours, hold a speed-dating party for interested house hunters, then Bob decides on one lucky couple who will get to spend the night in the house and decide if it's for them.

This concept of spending the night in a house before you buy it is a pretty good idea. I know one couple who bought a house not realizing until it was too late that there was an auto dealer just behind the wooded backyard.

In this episode, the couple have a ’70s disco party in the house and talk over the merits of the house with their friends. The house has been made to look fabulous with new paint, a new wall and gorgeous furniture. It occurs to me that any house with this fabulous stuff in it will seem appealing.

After the night is over, will the couple make an offer? That is the suspense.

As a viewer, I wish I could have seen more of the staging of the home. I’m not selling my home, and most viewers probably aren’t selling theirs, but I do want to know how to make my own home more beautiful. And they did an amazing job with this house, including the yards in front and back.

And I’d be curious to know what the homeowners were asking for the house. If a house isn’t selling, that’s the first thing you look at. But as this show takes place in Southern California, revealing that a common tract house is going for, like, $500,000 or whatever is only going to alienate and irritate the rest of the country. So I understand why the sales price is not revealed, but it’s a loss of perspective all the same.

After your Saturday night date with "Date My House," please return here and post your impressions of this show. I look forward to reading your comments.

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