OK, this is too much fun . . .

ArrangeroomI just spent a very pleasurable hour recreating my living room and dining room on this cool Better Homes & Gardens site called Arrange-a-Room.

Why this should be so thrilling, I can’t say. All I have to do is walk 10 feet from my office to the room I’ve recreated here. But seeing it like this is exciting. The real purpose of the easy-to-use program is so you can try out different furniture arrangements without straining your back.

Here’s what I like about my room: I always wanted to put two tiny love seats on either side of a dining room table. I’ve got one so far, a little silk brocade beauty my mother-in-law found at a yard sale. I put wooden risers, like you’d use to raise up a bed, under the four legs to bring it up to table height.

My other joy is my idea of putting three couches in a U-shape, kind of like a conversation pit. It’s great for friends and family sitting around, catching up, watching the game. We push a child’s chair up to the wood coffee table and the toddler in the family sometimes eats her dinner there.

What you can’t see about this room is that I have a pitched pine ceiling with white rope lights along the beams. And there are windows on three sides that look out on trees and mountains.

Yeah, I love homes. You?