Oops! Might want to reconsider that plan

OpsahlsinkThe people I interview are generally thrilled to tears with their completed remodel, either because it all came together despite their doubts and fears, or simply because it’s done.

But after a remodel is lived with for a bit, its weaknesses reveal themselves. Sometimes I drop a line to people I’ve visited during those glorious post-remodel days and ask: “What do you think of it now? What would you do different?”

They always have so much to say!

In this kitchen, in an Eichler home in Orange, the homeowners regretted putting that granite strip between the two halves of the sink. While they had insisted on this design for the aesthetics, the dripping that occurs as the faucet swings from side to side, and the consequent spotting, drives them batty.

A few other regrets on this remodel: They wish they’d gotten a double oven, instead of a single. And they wish they’d paid an extra $100 or so to get their new skylight motorized while the walls were open and accessible. Without the motor, they have to haul out a long pole to open and close the skylight. In retrospect, that was not a good place to pinch pennies.

Had any regrets with a remodel? What would you do different next time? Share with us! Help us! Post a comment below.

5 Comments on Oops! Might want to reconsider that plan

  1. Jeannie

    I recently had my carpets replaced throughout the house with wood. However, I regret settling for “engineered wood” which is suppsed to be “real wood” but made of a composite compressed with a thin top layer of the desired wood, covered with a polyurethene finish. I regret it because although it looked beautiful at first, it chips and scratches just by looking at it, and the finish is so shiny that any foot print, paw print or smudge becomes appallingly visible. Unlike solid wood floors, it cannot be sanded down, although I have heard that there is a way it can be refinished. But how much will that be, and how often????

  2. Willie

    Sorry about your kitchen, I can see your predicament and it iis fixable. It may cost a few hundred dollars, but if it bothers you then you should go for it.
    Try to find a sink that is larger that the two holes that are already there. Call a granite person (it appears that you used granite) and ask him/her to install it. He will make the hole larger to fit the new sink and walla problem solved. Is a no biggie if you hire the right person.

  3. Willie

    With respect to the flooring, I have found that it is very difficult to get warranty service on the finish. They always find an excuse (owner negligence) for not providing the promised warranty, the same could be said about carpets.

  4. kathy Price-Robinson

    Mike, concerning your floor: Did you get a guarantee from your contractor? Or the flooring contractor? Or did you put in the floor yourself? What kind of wood? I ask all this because it seems like you would have some recourse if your new floor is not holding up after six months. Would you do anything different next time?
    Thanks in advance for any more info you can provide!

  5. Mike

    Our remodel finished in January, and it drives me nuts that the wood flooring — which looked so good at first — is already chipping in places, separating in many spots and is so easily marked up. If it’s already doing that now, how’s it going to look 5 years from now? Ten?