Outdoor Room: Here’s What I’m Talking About

Love this outdoor room, but I'm worried about the fireplace without a screen.

Love this outdoor room, but I’m worried about the fireplace without a screen.

Isn’t this just the most sumptuous, comfortable, amazing outdoor room? Isn’t this why we live in a Mediterranean climate? This lovely outdoor space is in a Manhattan Beach backyard, featured in the L.A. Times’ Home section, and I could move in today. See the photo gallery.

My favorite elements: The cushions hanging against the retaining wall on the right. The relaxed look of the family. And that little doggie. What do you like about it? Or do you?

(Photo: Carlos Chavez / Los Angeles Times)

4 Comments on Outdoor Room: Here’s What I’m Talking About

  1. sfvrealestate

    This is stunning. Does this say “lifestyle” or what? It doesn’t usually get this glam out here in the SFV, but I sure wish it did!

  2. Dean

    Wow what a great space. So nice and cozy, but I would grow claustrophobic after a time and yearn for some open space. I’d love to throw a party there though…

  3. lil_gaucha

    I actually read this piece in the Times and loved the concept.
    if I recall correctly, the landscape designer used a lot of reclaimed scrap and things to make focal points.
    My one complaint was that instead of putting a proper filtering chimney on their wood burning outdoor fire place, they used an old cylendar they found somewhere. So all the particulates from that fire are going into their kids’ and neighbor’s lungs.
    That doesn’t strike me as particularly “green” or responsible.
    And the previous poster is right about this not being a space for kids. Maybe it’s the way they arranged it for the photo, but it looks rather cramped.
    – On another note, I saw an interesting piece in sunset magazine this month. One of the designers turned a scavenged old couch into an outdoor day bed. They basically stripped it down to the frame. It looked awesome. It would fit right in to a garden like the one above.

  4. sheila

    ahhhh, but look at the child’s face. the story mentions that she and her friends used to play out there all the time. where can she play now? it’s all “fashiony” for parents trying to impress their friends, and crammed with expensive furniture, but really sad for a child who needs space to run and ride her bike and play with her dog. i think they could have waited another 5-6 years until she was older, but that’s just me…
    KPR: “Fashinony”! That’s a great word!