Pardon Our Dust: Year in review

Paintcan20072_2It’s been a robust year on the Pardon Our Dust Blog. Here’s a taste of what we’ve shared:

Some excellent kitchen remodels . . .

A Westwood kitchen in a New York state of mind
Downey kitchen and dining room for $27,642
Where the money went: DIY luxury kitchen
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Some bath remodeling stuff . . .

Bathroom in Carlsbad has style and accessibility
Pedestal sinks: Faddish, fabulous or folly?
Rate This Remodel: Wide open spaces
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Cool design ideas . . .

Grass cloth trompe l’oeil: It makes sense
A Craftsman comeback
Curbside Critic: low-cost, high-style gates
Looking for a pretty good architect or designer?
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Contractor stuff . . .

Contractor markups: How much is too much?
New service reveals contractors’ credit histories
Looking for a pretty good contractor?
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Lots on green remodeling . . .

Does your green builder run a green business?
Upcoming talks on natural finishes
Jay Leno’s bird-friendly wind turbines
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Guest bloggers galore . . .

How Jeannie got new floors for her Cambria cottage
Peggy’s impressive efforts to restore her vintage Burbank cottage
Designer to pedestal sink: Goodbye and good riddance!
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Your opinions in assorted polls . . .

Which new TV show would you watch?
Shower or bath most important?
Should wood-burning fireplaces be regulated?
When a couple remodels, whose opinion matters most?
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A bit about my remodel . . .

Loving my new solar-powered fountain
Getting started
Too much weird green?
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And we’ve made a great start on . . .

Readers’ best 100 remodeling tips

Coming next: Remodeling resolutions for 2008. Start thinking . . .