Pendant lights shown lighted and unlighted

Hadn’t realized what I was missing until I saw it — a website showing an art-glass pendant lamp both lighted and unlighted. Think about it: While most lamps look best lighted, half the time, in daylight hours, the lamp will not be switched on, unless you’re selling your house and showing it to potential buyers, in which case, of course, all lights are blaring! Other than that, though, what will an unlighted lamp look like? Who’s to know until you get it home?

So it was with a teeny jolt that I came across the Red Oak Glass website, out of Oregon, and found that the pendant lamps made of arty glass are shown both lighted and unlighted. And you can click to see it both ways, which gives you a little of that energy-saving, money-saving, carbon-reducing, turn-off-that-darned-light satisfaction. Check it out.