Photographing your remodel: It’s for your own good

RenatawallIf you’re planning a remodel, I’d like to encourage you to take lots and lots of photos before and during the process. I’ll admit my request is a little self-serving: If I should write about your remodel for Pardon Our Dust in the L.A. Times (submit your project here), your photos will make telling the story a lot easier.

But really, it’s for your own satisfaction. Too many times I’ve heard homeowners say they wish they had taken more photos. I think a camera should be part of your tool kit.

The photo here is from the Hollywood Hills kitchen remodel done by Renata and Lisa. Because Renata is such a computer whiz, she was able to post a whole slide show of the remodel from beginning to end. (I’m not crazy about the fisheye lens that was used, but that’s my own preference.)

Here are a few advantages to taking lots of photos:

• The "before" photos can document the state of affairs before the remodel in case something gets damaged during the remodel. Say you are retaining your distinctive windows, rather than replacing them, during the remodel, as Renata and Lisa did. But if the window frames get banged into during the remodel, or otherwise damaged, who’s to say they weren’t always like that? Your photos will be your proof.
• The "during" photos will be a good documentation of what is inside the walls, pre-drywall. You’ll know exactly where the new plumbing and electrical runs are located. This may be valuable information later on when you want to make changes without having to tear up the whole wall.
• And finally, you can post the photos on the Internet, like Renata did, and keep your family and friends up to date on the progress of the remodel.

Bonus material: Check out the time capsule found under one of this kitchen’s old cabinets.