Please, please, please can I be a Pardon Our Dust Guest Blogger?

CatprayingWell, yes, as a matter of fact, you can become a Pardon Our Dust Guest Blogger.

And we’ve seen some amazing Guest Blogs lately, including:

Peggy’s impressive efforts to restore her vintage Burbank cottage
Brent’s plans for his Hawthorne kitchen remodel
How Jeannie got new floors for her Cambria cottage
The warming up of David’s Downtown L.A. loft
Tips for preventing stormwater pollution during remodeling

Here are the reasons you might want to become a Guest Blogger:

* You want to show off a recent remodeling project
• Maybe you want advice on an upcoming project
• Perhaps you have a strong opinion about a remodeling topic
• Or, it’s possible you have a design challenge you need help with

And not to worry, we do all the formatting, editing and photo captions on our end, so how easy is that?

To become a Guest Blogger, email your story (400 words or less, or a couple of good-sized paragraphs), a list of costs, and a few before and after photos (if applicable) to me at, and I’ll get back with you soon.

(Photo: iStockPhoto)