Rate Rocco’s Remodel: Old cabinets, new doors

Difrancescoafter_2When he set out to remodel his Dana Point kitchen, firefighter Rocco DiFrancesco began by chipping the white tile off the old counters. It was not easy. It was good tile, and glued down well.

When he finally got the tile off, he regretted the destruction.

“I hate taking apart anything that’s tough and strong,” he says.

“It goes against my own good sense. Maybe I should have tried restoring it first.”

As Rocco looked closer at the cabinets themselves, he realized they were strong and of good quality.

So he decided to leave them in place, paint them sage green, and add oak doors.

He also added oak moldings, Corian counters and a hardwood floor. As for the upper cabinet doors, Rocco decided it was so easy to get to his dishes that he chose to forget the glass inserts he had orginally planned.

Rocco saved thousands of dollars by not replacing the cabinet boxes, but he worried about the look.

What do you think of his efforts?

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1 Comment on Rate Rocco’s Remodel: Old cabinets, new doors

  1. Packman

    I’ve done similar cabinet upgrades, particularly replacing the door panels with glass. Gives the kitchen an entirely new look and it’s cheap to do, especially if you DIY. I don’t think it matters whether you’re using oak or other hardwood on the doors since the color and appearance really depends on the stain. Green seems to work well with this job though I would have gone with white on white.