Rate This Remodel: Carrie’s ‘Sex and the City’ Apartment

6a00d8341c630a53ef00e553093f068834-800wiI guess the apartment where Carrie Bradshaw researched and wrote her columns in the “Sex and the City” television show probably did need a makeover.

Several years had passed from Carrie’s life on the small screen to her promotion to the big screen, and we all need to evolve. Carrie’s guests needed to stop sitting on the floor around her coffee table, right?

But I’m not sure the new apartment (see “after” photo above) is quite right for her. The apartment is attractive, no doubt about that. But it seems too streamlined for Carrie, too coordinated, too balanced. That’s not our Carrie! And it doesn’t look comfortable. And that big TV. What’s that all about?

(Photos: Apartment Therapy, Chicago Tribune)

7 Comments on Rate This Remodel: Carrie’s ‘Sex and the City’ Apartment

  1. Peggy Olearczuk

    All I know is, I want the closet that Big had built for her in their new apartment, especially all that space for shoes! 🙂

  2. isuka susulembu

    i guess they didn’t nail the patricia field equivalent of an interior designer for the movie set. she has the knack of piecing clothes together effortlessly, even though they clash tremendously, in which the feel of carrie’s new place failed to embody. the look is too contrived and dare i say a tad uptight. TTH. Trying-Too-Hard.

  3. SATC-Fan

    Nah, they didn’t need to change that. It doesn’t look comfy or that interesting. Get the old stuff back quick! btw in the before picture the walls appear to be that beige that was popular a few years ago, (blech!), but on the show they were more of a dusty green, which was 10X better, hmmmm

  4. Jeannie

    I like the blue walls, but the furniture sucks! It is not cozy at all, and like Kathy says, is no writer’s retreat.

  5. Emma Johnson

    Carrie’s new apartment does not seem warm and cozy as Carrie’s old apartment was. Her old apartment was a retreat for her to write and think about life. This new one appears to be to upbeat and bright for Carrie to have as her “nook of life” after all the parties and wearing high fashion. I do not like the new one for Carrie.

  6. Melissa

    I like the style, although Im not a fan of blue. Its a little to modern and structured for Carrie, she was always ‘a bit of this, found it there at the flea market…’ kind of girl. Big screen TV? No – dont think so. Where are all the shelves of books, she’s a writer? She had such gorgeous book cases before. Where have they ended up?

  7. jenni

    I just don’t Carrie is a big screen TV person.
    Also I agree it seems too matchy, matchy for Carrie.