Rate This Remodel: Losing a Garage, Gaining a Workshop

6a00d8341c630a53ef00e54f17d37b8833-800wiWhen Chantal Dussouchaud and Harry Dolman bought this Hollywood Hills home, they had one major objection to it: the massive driveway that dominated the entire front of the house.

Part of the couple’s reaction stemmed from the fact that they had been living in Paris (they are both European natives), where the car culture is much less pronounced than in Southern California.

To them, the driveway was nothing less than shocking, and all the more so because Chantal wanted to convert the existing garage into a workshop for her interior design business and to build a carport on the other side of the house, as was required by codes.

Then, the driveway would be totally useless.



So they did a radical thing: they took out the driveway and replaced it with lawn, an olive tree and a gravel walkway lined with lavender. Did they do the right thing? Or did they hurt the overall value of the home?

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2 Comments on Rate This Remodel: Losing a Garage, Gaining a Workshop

  1. Willie

    While the end result looks fabulous, my concern will be that the house now has no garage and would eventually erode the bottom line. I would not buy a house without a garage and so are many other people I know. Even if you don’t use the garage to house an automobile, the storage space lost is precious.

  2. Permit Issue?

    I thought there was a legal issue with removing garages from properties in Los Angeles.
    Is it legal (permit wise) to even do such a thing as remove a garage?