Rate This Remodel: Metallic Painted Wall and Burnt Umber Stencils

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Prudential real estate agent David Kean had a heck of time figuring out how to decorate a 35-foot-long wall in his Downtown Los Angeles loft.

He finally finished his DIY masterpiece and wants to know what we think about it.

As you can see in the before photo, the wall before lacked pizzazz. And that’s a problem because the rest of the place is very pizzazz-y. Take a peek here.

To begin, he used a Pratt & Lambert metallic paint as a background. If you’re planning on such an application yourself, David reports that it is “a pain” to apply and that you should count on three or four coats for good coverage.

Then, he applied the stenciled accents (with stencils he got from Royal Design Studio) with an acrylic burnt umber paint.

To give the larger stenciled items a 3-D look (see photo on bottom left), he moved the stencil up and to the left 1/8 inch and troweled on a layer of gray Venetian Plaster. David learned his stenciling technique here.

My take: I suspect this wall looks better in person than in a photo. But if this was my wall, I’d be tempted to tighten up the design by doubling or tripling the number of stenciled items on the wall. But while it took me all of four seconds to type out my suggestion, it would take hours or days to execute. I’d like hear your suggestions, as well.

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3 Comments on Rate This Remodel: Metallic Painted Wall and Burnt Umber Stencils

  1. sheila

    i love this, too, but probably would never be able to do the stenciling right. will be using the metallic paint in my kitchen in a month or two (gulp!). any tips would be much appreciated!

  2. lil_gaucha

    Don’t know if I’d have the guts to do this in my own home, but it looks amazing. Especially with that brown velvet chair!
    Very sumptious.

  3. Janice

    Very cool! I also found some other great stenciling videos online at http://fauxlikeapro.com/video_home.asp
    Hope to see more articles like this one!