Rate This Remodel: Temporary contemporary kitchen

I came across this kitchen at the Sherman Oaks home of actress and furniture designer Amanda Pays and her husband, actor Corbin Bernsen. Amandawoodunit

Here was the couple’s dilemma when they bought their latest fixer-upper: They wanted to move themselves and their four sons into a clean, stylish house, but they weren’t ready to add the amazing kitchen they envisioned.

But the kitchen in the house was so old and dreary and dated. What to do? Live with the awful kitchen for a few years? That would not suit Amanda, who feels an uplifting kitchen is key to family life.

AmandarefrigeratorSo, she chose an unusual option, which was to tear everything out of the kitchen, finish the walls, put down fresh linoleum, and fill the room with industrial-looking stainless and wood tables and racks, and a freestanding sink unit from Ikea. The idea was to live with this kitchen until the time came for the major addition, and then repurpose these items or sell them.

Of course, to pull this off, with these open shelves, you have to be willing to get rid of all your old, mismatched dishes, pots and pans, and silverware.

In fact, the family raised some money for this temporary contemporary kitchen by selling off their old stuff at a yard sale.

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  1. frank

    My brother and sister in law in Mexico did just this…it looks great…
    Sounds like a design trend to me….