Reader Question: What to do about peeling exterior trim?

Jeannie from Cambria asks: When I bought my house, the doors and window frames were painted with a beautiful maroon color. I never would have thought of doing that myself but it looked really cool on the mostly blue house. Now a problem has come up because there are areas of chipping but I have been unable to find a precise match for the color. I want to avoid having to repaint the whole thing. Do you have any ideas or tricks for dealing with a hard-to-match color without having to start over?

My answer: What I would do is chip off a little piece of the paint and take it to the paint store and have them match it for you in a small amount. But make sure you test the paint before you leave the store, and let it dry, to see if it matches your chip. Paint always darkens as it dries. You are actually much better off going this route than if you had a can of the original paint as the color on your trim will have faded over the years and the original paint would no longer match. I suggest you sand the edges around the flaked-off parts, then use a good primer (like Kilz) so that your new dabs of paint will stick. Good luck!

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