Recalls From Costco

Who knew? Costco has its very own recall page. That is very handy because we are responsible for checking out which items are recalled. Did you know that? Did you know it is up to all of us to research these things? Happily, in Costco’s case, because it is a membership store, they know what you bought and they can let you know it it’s being recalled.

Here’s an example of a recent recall, announced Aug. 26, 2014:

Costco Recalls

Here’s the problem: In the recalled chairs, a reinforcing metal plate was left off the bottom of some of the chairs. Without that plate, the fiberglass bottom of the chair will suffer too much stress from the bolts and the chair will eventually crack and you’ll go tumbling to the ground. In this case, you can either get a repair kit, which sounds to me like a major hassle, or you can return it to Costco for a full refund. So, if you have this set: heads up!
In this next recall, shown above, there is no repair kit. These chair legs might break and the company wants them back before someone gets hurt. You can either take them back to Costco or the distributor will actually come and get them and then issue you a gift card two days later. I’m glad they’ve made it easy on us innocent shoppers. Can you imagine what a deal it would be to get that back to Costco. Again, heads up!
Here are some more Costco recalls:

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  1. Paula Thompson

    Was there a recall on a dolly?