Red and green SoCal kitchens

Here are a few of my favorite kitchens, which happen to be red and green, the colors of the holiday season.

Top left: Kathleen Schaaf and her brother Kevin bought a 1923 Long Beach duplex. She took over the top, he the bottom. Her kitchen turned out green, his didn’t. Read the story on how these two siblings remodeled in radically different ways.

Bottom left: Richard Gomez built his contemporary Long Beach home for only $80 per square foot, including the land! Part of his cost-cutting strategy was buying economical red enamel kitchen cabinets from Ikea. Read the story.

Top right: Some visitors to this blog didn’t appreciate Ann Lippincott’s stunning Santa Barbara condo kitchen. But I did. I was there and I’m telling you, people, it was gorgeous. This tile backsplash shows the beauty. Read the story.

Bottom right: I love this kitchen in Whitley Heights, an historic Hollywood neighborhood, for its simplicity and economy. The cabinets are from Ikea, where the owners got help with the layout. I also love the green tile, which is new but replaces historic tile that was literally falling off the walls and ceiling. The laminate butcher-block counters are cute too.

And a few more: A kitchen with green tiles of varied hues, a Santa Monica kitchen with a bunch of red in it, and a Dana Point kitchen with sage green cabinet boxes with oak doors.

And finally: For a little change of pace, an all-white Long Beach kitchen that was remodeled on a shoestring, and a tiny yet sharp Westwood kitchen in white and black.

1 Comment on Red and green SoCal kitchens

  1. Max_2007

    The green paint and green tile looks terible. It is a eyesore.