Remodeling Challenge: How about a swivel TV on a structural post?

EntireTom M. of Pacific Palisades needs our design help.

Tom’s planning a remodel where several walls will be removed to open up the kitchen to an adjacent office and family room.

Because of structural issues, there will be a supporting post in the middle of the space that has to stay. (See the black square in this drawing? Click on the image to see it bigger.)

Tom’s idea is to install a swivel flat-screen TV on that post. Not only will that highlight the post and keep people from running into it, but it will also make the TV available for each of the spaces. The post is in a nice central location for that, and it beats having TVs in each room.

Tom is going for a sleek, contemporary look, so he’s open to sheathing the post in a metallic look. He’s planning on bringing the power for the TV down from the ceiling.

What ideas do you have for Tom? Is this a good idea? Any thoughts on the hardware he would use?

4 Comments on Remodeling Challenge: How about a swivel TV on a structural post?

  1. Tom M.

    Thanks for the comments. The plot thickens though. Making the TV presentable viewed from the back is a challenge and, coward that I am, wanting to make a 50+ lb.TV instantly removable (if proven to be an obstacle) without a lot of protruding hardware is sticky. The best bracket solution seems to be a collar on the post (think welded halves). There’s a commitment! I may end up leaving the post wall in question so people would be guided past the post. The wall can be reduced to bar height which would open up the space behind while achieving a bit of utility, adding a surface for socializing. To the architect — you’re right, but a beam to transfer loads might require new posts to the basement of this condo — and maybe new footings. Then, the liability issue. Tom, still with TV looking for a home.

  2. A.N. Architect

    Put a beam in. The post will always be an obstacle.

  3. Kathy Price-Robinson

    Hey, BAM, I think that’s a great idea, to make the post bigger and give it more visual substance so the swiveling flat-screen TV looks more anchored.
    While I was reading your post, a vision flashed in my mind about a small circular shelf attached to the pole below the TV, at counter or table height, to hold the remote control, TV Guide, etc. I think such a shelf would also help balance the impact of the TV on the post.

  4. bam

    Tom’s idea sounds great.
    I’d question whether a 4×6 would have a visual impact that he wants. Larger might be visually better. The idea for a metal wrap might accomplish that if it’s furred out a bit. Alternatively, replace the 4×6 with a metal pole and route the power down the center of the pole.