Remodeling Challenge: What do with the TV?

KeantvFrom Los Angeles real estate agent David Kean:

I have a wall in my loft/condo that I need some help with. Since our HOA does not allow us to mount our TVs on the wall I have put mine on a mirrored table. The wall just seems boring. I want to spice it up with color but keep the transitional vibe. Paint is the most economical choice but I’m not sure what color. I’ve included a second picture of my living room/dining room (click here to see dining room) so you can see my style. Help me!

Do you have a suggestion for David and his TV?

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4 Comments on Remodeling Challenge: What do with the TV?

  1. D Wood

    don’t you have exclusive use of all interior walls? Since you are responsible for maintaining the interior I would bet they cannot prohibit you mounting the TV on the wall (I have been on my HOA board for a total of 5 years, and am all for everyone abiding by the rules but this one is ridiculous)

  2. Ginger K.

    I think the open shelf idea is right on. I keep seeing one narrow shelf running the entire width of the wall, with the TV in the center and paintings on either side. If you you’re not allowed to hang the shelf on the wall, it can have legs, like the kind of narrow table that goes behind a sofa. I think the mirrored table is a distraction and so the simple sleek table I’m thinking of would almost disappear into the wall.

  3. Jeannie

    I actually think it looks okay the way it is, but another option would be to paint just the wall behind the TV a burnt orange. I have seen this color in other homes and surprisingly, it looks great. Also, it would pick up on some of the colors in the dining room.

  4. Jose Cabanillas

    Frame the TV with either art or shelving. Light open shelves with stuff will break up the vastness without filling the space.