Super Cool Idea: Your Garden Flowers Embedded in Resin Panels for Cabinet Inserts

Kitchen remodel This idea is so unique that we at Kathy’s Remodeling Blog can hardly stand it: You can have your own garden flowers imbedded into resin panels for use as kitchen or bathroom cabinet inserts.

See some options here

Can you imagine your favorite flowers, that you grew, immortalized in resin panels? You can use translucent resin panels for room dividers, stairway guard rails, cabinet inserts and tons of other purposes.

Including flowers you grew is a great idea for personalizing your home. And don’t be afraid to personalize your home. Now that the housing market is stagnant, and will be for at least a decade, it’s time to get personal. Chances are, you’ll be living there for a long, long time.

Check out this stair rail guard used by Santa Monica architect Kyle Moss. Can you imagine your flowers imbedded into panels like these:

Architect Kyle Moss
Or, how about a room divider like this made with panels imbedded with your flowers:


Here are some companies who make these panels: