New video training program teaches RRP lead-safe practices to jobsite workers

Kathy's Remodeling BlogThe moment remodeling contractors, company owners and others get certified under the EPA’s new Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (also known as RRP), a new problem arises:

How do they teach on-the-job workers to handle lead-tainted dust in the manner they just learned about in an intensive 8-hour class?

A new video training program by master trainer Bill Robinson of Train2Rebuild is the answer to that problem. “On-the-Job Training for RRP Lead-Safe Practices” teaches workers what they need to know to comply with the rule. It costs $79, which includes shipping.

Kathy's Remodeling BlogAs you may know, lead in paint is a major health hazard, especially to kids under 6 and pregnant women. We’ve known that for a long, long time. In fact, lead was outlawed in paint way back in 1978.

But lead paint still exists in older homes, and when that paint becomes airborne during remodeling, it becomes toxic to people and pets. Thus, the new rule (finally) that requires those professionals working on your home to take special precautions when making this toxic dust.

Bill Robinson RRPIf you are an RRP Certified Renovator, you are required to train your own crew in how to contain the dust within the work area, how to avoid making dust, and how to clean up at the end.

This video is a training aid that a Certified Renovator uses to train the crew. It can be purchased through Train2Rebuild for $79, which includes shipping.

Chapters include:

Before the Work Starts

• Interior Containment

• Vertical Containment

• Signs and Barriers

• Exterior Containment

During the Work:

• Prohibited Practices

• Personal Protective Equipment

• Clean as You Go

After the Work Is Done

• Cleaning Up

• Visual Inspection and Cleaning Verification

• Taking Off Personal Protective Equipment

Plus, a section titled “For the Certified Renovator” includes:

• The Role of the Renovator

• Testing for Lead

• Tips on Training

. . . and more.

Price: $79

For questions, send an email to Bill Robinson.

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  1. San Antonio Remodeling

    I went thru all these classes. There is so much prep that is needed now. I think that while it will cost a little more to do a job, it will be worth it.