Scene From the Street: Craftsman pillars with rock facing

The house has pillars, but where's the porch overhang they are designed to support?A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about a newly built Craftsman-type house whose pillars never received the rock facing I expected. I had watched this house go up in a local golf course community as I took my daily walk.

Trouble was, as some astute readers (POD People) pointed out, I was watching the rear of the house. It felt like the front to me because I could see it from the street where I walked. But there was a more important question: What's going on in the front of the house? Can I hear a duh?

So yesterday I made my way into the gated enclave and saw that, indeed, the four pillars in the front did get stone. Well, maybe faux stone, it looked like to me. It was quite similar to the stone you POD People voted on in the poll.

But here's what I thought: Where's the front porch? As Brent pointed out, the pillars in the rear look vestigial, which means they represent something that once had a purpose but no longer do. In the front, two pillars hold up the overhang for the grand entrance. But the other two pillars have no purpose.

Instead of that garden area on the right, that could have been a lovely covered porch for future owners to sit out and drink tea and wave to the neighbors. As it is now, the only choice is to drive up to the house in a car, go in the house and stay there. Think how many decades of front-porch experience will be lost.

With no front porch, and no virtually backyard (other than vestigial pillars that face another street), I think the exterior design of this house, while it has many assets, missed the mark. No wonder it's taken so long to sell.

2 Comments on Scene From the Street: Craftsman pillars with rock facing

  1. Brent

    They definitely look better faced in rock., but gosh darn it, those pillars sure lack purpose. I agree 100% on the need for a porch.

  2. lil_gaucha

    A few homes in my neighborhood were built 25 + years ago with similar silliness (faux front porches).
    Over the years nearly everyone has added a front porch of one kind or another — some merely cemented in the “non porch” — some did flagstones and fountains with little metal chairs — one uses it to store their extra couch.
    When shopping for our home (in Vegas’ Green Valley neighborhood) a porch was on our top 3 must haves, after air conditioning and a garage. everyone in my neighborhood uses their porches and we all wave to each other as the kids play in the street and people walk their dogs.
    I think the future owner of this house will probably do similar post move-in work.