Should this table be saved?

Housetable_2I'm a hypocrite when it comes to the "dump pile" out behind Bill's workshop. While I've been critical of that pile over the years, and begged Bill to get rid of it, I also have no trouble adding to it.

And it came to pass that I wanted to toss this table in the pile.

I can't even recall where this table came from — probably something Bill built at some point — but I do know that it ended up against the wall outside my office. I used it for a gardening table, loading it up with pots and soil and bird seed and fertilizer.

So as I was moving things away from the house to ready it for painting, I decided this table needed to die in the junk pile. And if I could have lifted it myself, it would be there now.

But my thinking shifted during the days of the house painting when I glanced over at this table and wondered:

What is it about this table that bugs me? Well, it's dirty, I thought. And has a plywood top. And the legs splay together. But then I asked another question:

What does this table have going for it? The plywood top is 1 inch thick. And it's a nice shape, 2 feet wide and about 7 feet long. And the table's a nice height, like a buffet table, and just the type of table I'd like to have out there as I start entertaining more now that we're fixing up the house.

So it occurred to me that maybe I could save this table, and live a green life rather than just talk about it. Why should this wood end up at the landfill? Why should Bill's labor be lost? As a bonus, if I cover this table with tile, it will be good practice for the bathroom and kitchen tile I want to install.

I am a little worried about water damage to the bottom of the legs. Tomorrow I'll ask Bill his opinion. If he gives the project a thumb's up, I'm gonna save this table.

3 Comments on Should this table be saved?

  1. David Kean

    I think you should paint the table a very distressed/chipping mint green paint with a layer of light brown tinted wax over it to enhance the appearance of age.

  2. tarbubble

    oh, not to the dump. if i saw it out on the curb i would want it. yes, it’s ugly, but ugly can be fixed. and if the wood is still good it’s a tragedy to chuck it out.

  3. Inland Empire

    Should you decide no, put it out for someone who would say yes. Good height for working on craft projects.