Small Change: A new ceiling fan and light for

LowesfanWith the economy the way it is, we all need to get more bliss for our bucks.

So that’s why the Pardon Our Dust Blog has launched the new Small Change series where readers reveal improvements to their homes that cost less than $600 but that are making a big difference in their quality of life.

Reader and frequent poster lil_gaucha reports that her new ceiling fan and light is making a big difference in her life.

Here’s how it happened: First, lil_gaucha had her 1980s tract house wired for ceiling lights/fans. That cost $400.

Then, she installed a light/fan combo in her bedroom that she bought from Lowe’s for $60. Here’s what she reports:

“I finally have a light in my bedroom now – I can wear matching socks to work at last!”

That’s a big difference for some small change. And when the temperature heats up during summer, that fan could make the difference between misery and comfort.

Have you spent small change on something in your home that is making a big difference in your life? Click here to share your story.

(Photo: This is a ceiling light and fan from Lowe’s that costs $59.)