Small Change: A new kitchen look for less

GunningstoolhermosabeachA Q&A in the New York Times dovetails beautifully with the Pardon Our Dust blog’s new Small Change series, where we explore home improvements that cost less than $600 but are making a big difference.

So far, we’ve looked at a solar-powered fountain for $220 and a new fan/light combo for $60.

The question in the New York Times asks: How do I update my kitchen without spending the money to gut and remodel it?

You can read the whole answer here, but I offer you this synopsis:

Lighting: Replace fixed ceiling lights with modern movable track fixtures (from less than $100).

Knobs: Replace small knobs with larger, modern bar knobs ($4 to $25 each).

Faucet: Get a new and modern faucet to replace the old one (from less than $100).

Seating: Reupholster existing chairs or stools, or replace with modern versions (from $100 or so).

Backsplash: Try mirrored pieces or glass tiles (from a few bucks a square foot to several hundred).

Declutter: Hide excess canisters and small appliances (priceless).

Have you made a small change that’s making a big difference? Share it here.

(Photo: Cool and very comfortable bar stool in Barbara and Joe Gunning’s new Hermosa Beach home.)

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  1. Harry

    Comfortable bar stools..!

  2. David Kean

    I have similar bar stools. They are very comfortable. Here is where I got mine: