SoCal Remodeling Poll: What’s your pleasure?

I’ve been blogging nearly a month for the Los Angeles Times and I must say: It is a pleasure.

I get to blog about the topic I’ve been studying for almost 20 years — remodeling — and I get to blog often! These little posts are perfect for an ADD type, don’t you think? Happily, the statistics are good. People are joining me here.

So, what’s up with you? I want to get clear on exactly what you need. That’s because life is short. For instance, this day, June 7th? Well we only get about 80 or so June 7ths in a lifetime, if we’re lucky, and then it’s over. I’ve used up 53 of mine. And I want to make sure I’m using the rest of them in a beneficial manner.

Although the newspaper pays me for my labors, I feel like I’m working directly for you, digging up information on remodeling while you’re at work and earning the money for your next project.

In this poll, please indicate how I should spend my time. How should I make my Internet-surfing time, phone-interviewing time, packing-up-my-van-and-visiting-remodels time more productive?

I’ve got the poll set up so you can vote more than once if several topics ring your bells. And if I’m totally missing the mark, send an email to, or post a comment below, and tell me what you’d really like to read about.

What would help you with your own remodel?

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