SoCal’s 10 biggest remodeling companies

Each year, Qualified Remodeler magazine (which I occasionally write for) compiles a list of the largest 500 remodeling companies in the country based on volume of work done. You can see the 2007 list here.

I have culled the 10 biggest remodeling companies in Southern California from the magazine’s most recent list. The number preceding the listing indicates where the company falls, size-wise, in the national market:

6. Har-Bro, Inc., Signal Hill, volume: $55,000,000

18. Galkos Construction, Huntington Beach, volume; $33,489,924

20. Windor, Inc., Anaheim, volume: $30,689,340

21. American Vision Windows, Inc., Simi Valley, volume: $30,500,000

24. The Kitchen Connection, Los Angeles, volume: $27,501,253

31. Home Improvement King, North Hills, volume: $21,600,800

53. Jemstar Builders, Inc., Orange, volume: $16,825,000

65. Renaissance Doors & Windows, Fullerton; volume: $13,800,000

66. Allen Associates, Santa Barbara, volume: $13,735,133

67. American Home Craft, Inc., San Diego, volume: $13,700,000

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