Solar energy incentives make my head spin

Is it just me, or are solar energy rebate programs ridiculously hard to understand?

BaumgartsolarI mean, I’m fairly intelligent. Not Mensa caliber, but not far off. Yet when I try to make sense of how I can get a 30 percent or 50 percent rebate on a solar energy system for my home, my eyes glaze over and my head spins.

But there are literally billions of dollars in rebates available, and I wouldn’t mind getting my share.

Here are a few of the sites I’ve been studying:

Go Solar California
The Tax Incentives Assistance Project
California Homeowner Incentives for Renewable Energy

Have you installed a solar energy system on your home and gotten a rebate or tax credit?

Tell us, how did you do it? Was it worth the trouble?

3 Comments on Solar energy incentives make my head spin

  1. Brendan

    Forgot the contact information:

  2. Brendan

    I installed a system on my house 3 1/2 years ago. Doing the permitting and installation myself kept the costs under control. The system broke even early this year. Now I get to enjoy free power for decades. I would definitely do it again and as a consulting engineer, I will help others do it too. Please contact me with any questions.

  3. Bill H.

    The best rebate now is for grid tied solar electric (PV) systems. Contact the California Energy Commission for lots of info. There is a pretty big upfront cost but the increase in electric rates is shortening the payback time almost monthly.