Solid surface companies stop bad-mouthing granite, start selling it

DupontgraniteThe nice thing about engineered products like Corian or Silestone or CaesarStone is that a major company has manufactured the product and will stand behind it. That’s not so true with natural products pulled from the earth, like granite or marble or slate.

And for years, makers of manufactured products have bad-mouthed granite. It needs regular sealing, and can stain. And where’s the quality control? Despite these insults, granite grew in popularity with homeowners and has as much or more “perceived value” (that’s marketing talk) as the modern stuff.

So it looks as though DuPont (maker of Corian and Zodiaq) finally realized it was leaving money on the table and started offering granite certified by DuPont that is cut and installed by DuPont trained and authorized installers. And if you’re aware of the company’s stringent Corian installation operation, you know they are diligent about quality control. The company’s slogan for their granite: The beauty of nature, certified by DuPont.

Formica Corporation has also gotten in on the fun, and now offers Formica branded granite slabs.

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