Starting a SoCal remodeling project? I want to know about it

This is a great little bath for two little girls.How did I get so lucky? In this photo, you see how I spent part of last weekend in L.A., notebook and camera in hand, checking out a kid’s bathroom remodel. It’s for my 11-year-long Pardon Our Dust series in the Real Estate section. (You’ll get to read the whole story soon!)

You’d think after writing about more than 500 remodels, for this and other publications, I’d be tired it. But no! I love it.

Only thing is, I pretty much insist on writing about real remodels by real people. There’s a PR person who wants me to write about an extensive remodel being done by a famous TV person. But I’m like, well, is it a green remodel? Does it save the planet? Or save money? What could Pardon Our Dust readers learn other than the fact that someone has a whole bunch of money to do whatever they wish?

So that’s where you come in. I’m always on the lookout for remodels done by regular folks. I can use only a few for the print section in the newspaper, but I have a never-ending need on this blog.

Are you beginning a remodel in Southern California? Would you like to send weekly updates on your progress like Joni and Patti are doing for Joni’s condo kitchen remodel? Think of the benefits. When people ask how the remodel is coming along, you just send them to for updates.

If you live south of San Francisco, north of Tijuana, west of Nevada and Arizona and east of the Pacific Ocean, you’re in my demographic!

Send me an e-mail if you’d like to blog about your upcoming remodel. It will be fun for all of us.