Stuck with a disorganized contractor — who’s to blame?

Layingtilefloor_2Over on the remodeling forum at iVillage’s Garden Web, commenter "graciesmom284" wonders about the seemingly disorganized contractor who is building her room addition and bathroom remodel.

There are several issues with this remodel, all stemming from a vague contract. In one instance, the homeowner thought the agreement was that she would buy the flooring and the contractor would install it, and she thought the labor for that was included in the contracted price. But now the contractor says she will have to pay extra for the installation, and the installation of the bathroom tile.

So what does the contract specify? It seems the contract is pretty skimpy on the details. Others commenting on the posting are not giving graciesmom284 the sympathy she may have been seeking. A comment from ron6519 says she "should have been more diligent in oversight. You should of had every item listed on the contract before you signed it. At this point, you are going to have a discussion over every item not mentioned and specified. This naivete might be a costly lesson."

What do you think?

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