Stuck with a dropped ceiling? Add clouds and palm trees

CloudpalmIn the 1970s, dropped ceilings and fluorescent lights were trendy. Fluorescents are back in style (much improved) but dropped panels haven’t yet returned to vogue.

If you have a dropped ceiling, here’s an idea to make it feel a little less sterile: translucent cloud panels.

I came across these cloud-printed light panels in my doctor’s office as I waited for my consultation on nutrition and meditation (he’s an alternative-medicine kind of guy), and I noticed how the clouds overhead made me feel peaceful.

From an Internet search, I see these panels cost about $40 to $50 each.

You can also get clouds with a flowering shrub, clouds with hot-air balloons, and something I’d never choose: clouds with critters. Look up and you might see a bird, a dog and a cat looking down into your kitchen. To me, that’s a little weird. You can even choose the type of cloud you like: cumulus, cirrus or stratus.

I also found panels with a stone and marble look, but the feng shui of stone overhead wouldn’t work for me. The panels that look like stained glass are pretty cool, though. And as we read in The Times recently, stained and leaded glass are making a comeback.