Students imagine the future of housing

GrohomeWhen students imagine the future of housing, it’s not surprising their visions are influenced by computers, RFID tracking chips and cars.

That seems to be the trend in a competition that asks students (as well as professionals) to come up with ideas for future housing that figure deconstruction and reuse into their plans.

The winners of the Lifecycle Building Challenge will be announced next month in San Francisco at the West Coast Green building conference.

Here are some innovative ideas dreamed up by students:

The groHome consists of a few modular units with add-ons to customize for extra rooms, much like the basic Scion car is customized to fit individual needs. The students who created this concept also liken it to a computer and its plug-and-play options. When the units or their add-ons are no longer needed, they can be unbolted and moved to another location; each is equipped with an RFID, or radio frequency identification, chip to keep track of where they are and their history. This entry includes a board game.

Packaged and Living Container Structure aims to use some of the estimated 700,000 unused shipping containers in this country. The structures arrived here carrying goods from places like China, but it’s too expensive to ship them back. These students have mocked up complex floor plans using these containers.

• The Sustainable Architecture and Organic Systems proposal states this: "The project specifically highlights qualities of utility juxtaposed with expressive formal gestures and emotive response." I have no idea what this means, but whoever wrote it has a great future as an architect.

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